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Eurasian Wigeon – Ramona Grasslands

I don’t know if this bird has been reported yet, but there is a male Eurasian Wigeon in the large flock of American Wigeons that graze on Rangeland Rd in Ramona. Probably a returning bird, as one wintered there last year. Unfortunately the flock usually grazes way out of sight!


I looked around for Mountain Bluebirds. Found one on Rangeland Rd, at the corral. Found 6 on Ramona Airport Rd. Found 8 on Lagewaart Rd, which is off of Dye Rd. This is the access road to a dairy, and the fields have been recently disked. I suspect there may be many more here, but that many were on the fence.


Nancy Christensen



Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports