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Eurasian Wigeon, Black Scoter

Wednesday late morning, there is a male Eurasian wigeon feeding with several hundred American Wigeon along the shore of Gunpowder point and the Chula Vista nature center. However, the bird is visible with a good scope from the north end of Bayside Park near the end of G Street and near the boat works, in Chula Vista. Scan north from the park to the next embayment. Again, a scope is required. The past few days I've been looking at lots of wigeon around town, including 700 wigepn at J Street, and 150 wigeon up the Sweetwater River, and approximately 1,500 wigeon in the San Diego River flood control channel in the SeaWorld section. And this is finally the first Eurasian I've seen.

Also visible this morning from Bayside Park, looking due west toward the end of Grand Caribe in Coronado Cays, was one male Black Scoter in the usual part of the bay where they winter. One would have been closer, although the light would not have been as good, from Coronado Cays.

Paul Lehman, San Diego

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports