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Eur Wigeon, new T.K., miscellanea

On Thursday the 17th there's an eclipse male Eurasian Wigeon at Famosa Slough, presumably the male that has come back for many years to Famosa and the San Diego River channel. Continuing reddish egret in the channel at Robb field. Also today there was a new Tropical Kingbird along the east side of Mission Bay but which was last seen flying east over I-5. The Clay-colored Sparrow continues at Crown Point, but the Dickcissel there was last seen on Tuesday and has been missed since. The Dickcissel at the Sunset ball fields in the TRV, however, was still present yesterday, Wednesday, at which time it was moving all over the several ball fields. Also yesterday, the 16th, there was a Summer Tanager at Kimball Park in National City.

Paul Lehman, San Diego

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