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Escondido Baltimore Oriole, Pacific-slope Flycatcher, W. Tanager

A partial morning on 30 December spent in the Escondido CBC circle produced several birds of interest. And all the birds are either at or within just a block or so of Kit Carson Park. At least 1 calling WESTERN TANAGER was in oaks at the corner of Canyon Rd X Brook Canyon Road starting at 6:35 AM (until 7AM), at a nighttime winter-roost site that from 1-4 individuals have now used annually for something like 10 years, and probably more. The birds only roost there, so just after dawn, and probably just before dusk, are the times to look. Nearby, in white-flowered eucalyptus trees right across the street from 2956/2958 Canyon Road, an adult female or young male BALTIMORE ORIOLE was sneakliy feeding on blossoms between 7:15-7:26 AM. On the other side of the school property there in the early morning sun is great for lots of robin, waxing, and kingbird activity. There are also a bunch of pink-flowered eucs lining Canyon Road back toward Bear Canyon Road, which any self-respecting oriole could easily utilize as well. And in nearby Kit Carson Park proper, a PACIFIC-SLOPE FLYCATCHER was on the early-morning sunny edge of the riparian bordering the lawn and picnic tables just ca. 75 feet south of the tennis courts, at around 8:05 AM.  All these sites quiet down quite a bit a little later in the morning when there isn't the "sunny edge" concentrating effect.  (And yes, the tame, immature Snow Goose continues at and near Sand Lake in the park….)

–Paul Lehman,  San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports