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escaped Painted Bunting

escaped Painted Bunting
By – 9:59 am

On May 31st, I had a singing first-year male Painted Bunting at the community gardens in the TRV. Same plumage as a female/immature. Although I actually use the term “plumage” with a grain of salt, as the bird is missing a slug of back and nape feathers and also has still-attached feathering elsewhere that is partly tattered. Clear signs of prior captivity. The bird was still singing away today, June 2nd, in the riparian between the community gardens and the B&B (fide Joe A,). Just a “warning” that it is in the area. And interesting that it is frequenting the exact same area by presumed wild Painted Buntings in the early fall during past years. So, a bit of a sticky situation.

The community gardens continue to be the local hotspot for nesting American Goldfinches. And today’s highlight at a La Jolla seawatch was actually spotting a wayward migrant Western Wood-Pewee well offshore, working its way back to shore. Still northbound Eared Grebe moving.

Paul Lehman, San Diego