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Encinitas Laughing Gull (11/2/19)

Hi Birders,
At approximately 13:40 (1:40 pm) a Laughing Gull (appeared to be first winter) was seen at Moonlight Beach. When I saw it, it was on the sand with a California Gull and then took flight quickly. It could have been there for a long time on the sand as far as I know, and may be associating with growing Gull flock here. I am always birding, but was not actively birding at this time. Playing frisbee with kid. I will try and track down for documentation, but only have my phone right now. Definitely Laughing Gull, NOT Franklin’s Gull.
Just getting word out. I will repost if I see it again.
Good Birding,
Jimmy McMorran
Leucadia, Ca

Good Birding,
Jimmy McMorran,
Leucadia, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports