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Encinitas, CA Grace's Warbler continues into March 2020 spring season (6 Mar 2020)

Dear SD Region birders, 

This morning (6Mar), Gretchen Nell and myself went to check on the overwintering GRACE's WARBLER at the stakeout spot along Drest Drive in Encinitas.  This has been a noisy and busy spot these last few months, with building construction going on, although  the noise was not too bad today.  At first, there  was no sign of the bird in its usual location for about the first hour (we arrived at ~0720 am). Then it appeared at 1260 Crest in small pine at 8:24 am, when we heard its rather loud, distinctive sweet chip.    It then left abruptly, flying NW out of sight at 8:28 am. We saw it again at 10 :15 am in the same tree at 1260 Crest near the main road, calling and also singing.  (Gretchen may add some sound files soon).

This bird was  first sighted this wintering season on Nov 9,2019 by Tito Gonzales, and undoubtedly is a returning bird first sighted the previous winter in this same location on Dec 7, 2018, and then continued into  March 2019. On this day, it  did not once fly to the tall pines at 1282 Crest (a previous favorite spot), possibly due to excessive pruning of these trees recently.  

eBird checklist at   .  A few poor quality photos.  Sue

Susan Smith 

Seiurus Biological  Consulting 
Del Mar, CA 

Susan Smith
Seiurus Biological Consulting
Del Mar, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports