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El Capitan and San Vicente Reservoirs: easy Canyon Wrens

7:59 am

The large and rather sterile El Capitan and San Vicente Reservoirs near Lakeside are usually not worth a stop, but occasionally get interesting waterbirds migrating by that stay briefly. El Capitan often has Bald Eagle, including today. But currently right next to the top of the boat launch at San Vicente there is a very cooperative pair of both Canyon Wrens and Rock Wrens. The Rock Wrens like all the rock riprap on the slope and the Canyon Wrens are just to the right of the top of the boat launch, hanging around a big boulder and some covered picnic tables and even went out into the adjoining boat preparation parking lot and started feeding around the undercarriage of my car! I know that a bunch of people talk about never seeing Canyon Wrens well, but these birds are seemingly cooperative.

Both reservoirs are closed a couple days a week, so make sure you pick the right day.

Paul Lehman, San Diego