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El Cajon parrots

El Cajon parrots
By – 7:35 am
      Last night (2-11-22) I watched a parrot show that is certainly worthy of some comment.  I was arriving for a charitable event on Main St. in El Cajon, about one block east of Magnolia.  As I searched for a parking place, I could hear from inside the car a load raucous noise overhead.  As soon as I found a parking spot on Main, across from the courthouse-jail complex, I hoped out and saw wave after wave of parrots coming in from the SE and SW (but none from due south).  I focused on one of the smaller flocks, and counted 50-60 birds in that one relative small flock.  Some of the flocks probably had close to, and maybe over, 100 birds in them.  And they kept coming and coming.  Just the ones I saw fly in had to be a minimum of 400-500, and adding in the ones I heard before getting my car parked, it would not be unreasonable to saw that the total number could easily have been in the 500-1,000 range.  All of them were headed for the large trees around the tall jail building.       It’s also possible others were coming in from the north, altho I couldn’t see those (if any) due to tall buildings and trees.        Maybe the reason parrots are now rarely seen at Lindo Lake is because they now all overnight together in El Cajon?       As to species, it was twilight and hard to get a good look at them, but one that was facing me seemed to show the red on the head ending in front of the crown, suggesting Lilac-crowned, but a 1st year Red-crowned has that feature, too.  So I have to pass on the species.       I’m sure some local birders live in the El Cajon area – is this an every night occurrence?  Does any one have a more accurate figure for the number of parrots that overnight in El Cajon?  And info as to the species?        If it’s an every night occurrence, there certainly ought to be a Bird Festival field trip to see it!!       This amazing spectacle deserves a bit more discussion.  Can anyone comment?  
Phil PrydeSan Carlos