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El Cajon parrot roost report

El Cajon parrot roost report
By {authorlink} – 12:05 pm

My husband and I scouted the El Cajon parrot roost this past Wednesday, February 1. Sunset was 5:21. The birds started arriving in a tall deciduous tree on the east side of Ballantyne, near Main Street, at about 5:10. Almost all arrived in pairs, which was a significant change from January 19th, when they came in groups ranging from a few individuals to a couple dozen. By about 5:20 the tree was full of loudly vocalizing parrots, and at 5:21 the flock burst from the tree. After circling once, they settled in a stand of tall pines on Hall, just east of the courthouse building, near the intersection of Hall and Ballantyne. We thought they were going to roost there, but at 5:29 they took off and headed north out of sight. We drove toward the sound of the flock and found them in a nearby stand of tall pines on Park behind the courthouse, directly across from Indiana Avenue. By 5:40 they had quieted down for the night.  

The parrots are beginning to disperse to nesting sites, so from this point on the numbers at the roost will steadily decrease until after breeding season.

Happy birding!
Emily Routman