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eBirding near the political boundaries

1:40 pm

A refresher here, especially for those heading out to look for Abert’s Towhee:

In short, if you’re not counting birds because they were over the county line, your list should be marked incomplete. 

Tips for county listers

For some birders, keeping precise state and local lists is important. If reporting all birds on a single complete checklist is not something you wish to do, it is possible (though not preferred) to keep two incomplete birding lists – one for each side of the border. 

When keeping separate checklists for different sides of a border, please follow these rules:

  • For BOTH checklists, the answer to “Is this a complete checklist of the birds you were able to identify?” must be “No”, because each list intentionally omits birds in the other geopolitical area.
Justyn Stahl
North Park