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eBird photos – please crop and don’t over-edit


Please consider cropping your photos to make review easier. A tiny bird in a big photo is often difficult to view on our end without downloading the photo itself. Also, please limit the amount of manipulation done. Ideally you should just crop and adjust the exposure, multiple recent photos are oversaturated and not truly representative of how the bird appears in the field.
From this help file (

 Crop photos so that the bird is large and visible in the frame. However, make sure to leave plenty of "canvas" around the edge of the bird. More cropping can always be done later, but there’s no way to get additional information back. When cropping, it's often good to keep more room in front of the bird than behind it to give the image a more balanced feel.

When editing, aim to make the bird look as it did in the field; please avoid over-saturation, over-sharpening, or augmentation of the image beyond what you observed. The idea is to create a natural reproduction of how the bird looked in life. Many editing tools found in Photoshop can "enhance" an otherwise backlit or hard-to-see image, but they can also result in very strange-looking birds; please use these tools sparingly. Similarly, avoid cosmetic Photoshopping like the removal of branches or other major changes. These artificially created images are not appropriate for inclusion in a scientific collection.”

Justyn Stahl, Bruce Rideout, and the SD eBird review team 

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports