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eBird checklists and the Bird Festival

With the San Diego Bird Festival occurring this weekend, the eBird review team for San Diego County will be busy. To make our lives easier, we ask that you, as a participant or especially as a field trips leaders, do three things:
1) Break the day up into multiple lists by location. If you travel to
Dairy Mart, and then Bird and Butterfly Garden, and then Sunset Ball
Fields, that should be three lists, not just one. Worse yet, we often
have people plot their entire day's list (or weekend's!) at the
conference center.

2) For each checklist, please designate a list keeper for each stop, be it a leader, or a eBird savvy participant. The group should all share a single list for each stop, and users can then add or delete species from that master list. Birders in groups are not birding independently of one another, but working together to spot birds.
3) USE HOTSPOTS when appropriate. The overhwhelming majority (95%?) of birding done in San Diego is at established areas where people frequently bird. When using the eBird app, after selecting Start New Checklist,
please select *Choose a Nearby Hotspot* if you're birding at a place
that people frequent (typically the case if you are following directions
to a recent rare bird). If you don't use hotspots, you get cumbersome maps that look like this where each blue pin is a checklist submitted away from the hotspot.

Thanks on behalf of the eBird reviewers here in San Diego,
Justyn Stahl

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports