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Eastern Wood-Pewee #2 continues, Red Crossbill

8:19 am

Tuesday morning, the Eastern Wood Pewee in the northeast corner of Fort Rosecrans Cemetery continues. Frequenting much the same areas as the past 2 days, so along the hedgerows bordering Catalina boulevard, northward to the end of the cemetery where the pine trees are on both sides of Catalina, and then also on several occasions went northeast along the diagonal fence line that ends at the extreme north tip of the northeast corner. The bird only called a few times today that anybody heard, and it also disappeared for appreciable lengths of time, right after being seen in the pines along Catalina, so it may well be crossing to the west side of Catalina as well. In the dreary light and the fact it had just taken a bath, it looked somewhat darker than it has looked the previous days. But it did call several times.

Just after 8:00 a.m. I had a calling Red Crossbill fly over me on Dupont Street in residential Point Loma, heading southeast and showing no signs of stopping. 
Paul Lehman, San Diego