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Eastern Phoebe — San Miguel Ranch

Hi All,
I just had an EASTERN PHOEBE near the San Miguel Ranch Hotspot on eBird. The bird seemed to be staying the night as I had it around 4:20 to about 4:40. It was still there when I left and allowed for decent photos, seeing how it was dark and the Black Phoebe was guarding the more accessible points, which allow closer access to the power lines. The pictures are on the linked checklist, and I'm going to try my best to explain the location. 

Directly NORTH from San Miguel Ranch Hotspot on eBird is where you want to start going. Go onto Camino Mojave Road and turn RIGHT and watch the LEFT side of the road, the houses, until you see the large opening, lacking any housing, signaling the "trailhead". When you start walking on this path there is immediately a dirt trail to your right. Go on this trail until the end where the power lines are. This is the general area as to where I saw the phoebe. You may have to wait a bit, as it was going down a bit into other places but it always seemed to return to the same area.

Jonny Sperling
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports