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Eastern Phoebe, San Miguel Ranch, 7 Dec 2020

Directly NORTH from San Miguel Ranch Hotspot on eBird is where you want to start going. Go onto Camino Mojave Road and turn RIGHT and watch the LEFT side of the road, the houses, until you see the large opening, lacking any housing, signaling the paved "trailhead". When you start walking on this path there is immediately a dirt road/trail to your right. Go on this trail until the end where the power lines are.

This report adds to Jonny S's directions above- the E Phoebe continues, seen out in the open/flats area out to the left (west) of the road/trail, just before the utility lines spot (and cement drainage spot) is reached, seen by Barbara C and myself at about 9:30,

Paul Chad
University City
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports