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Eastern Phoebe, Plumbeous, Summer, 900 swallows

Eastern Phoebe, Plumbeous, Summer, 900 swallows
By {authorlink} – 10:12 am

The Eastern Phoebe back for its third winter, which Jonny Sperling keeps track of, continued first thing Sunday morning at the (southwest) corner of Jonel X Speyers in San Miguel Ranch. It had the amazing ability of hopping behind a wall and totally disappearing. At nearby Sweetwater Reservoir, there was an impressive concentration of 900+ swallows, involving a winter-record 250+ Barns, and 700+ Trees and one Rough winged. Surprisingly no Violet-greens. Continuing incubating Bald Eagle on nest. Much smaller numbers of the same swallows at Lower Otay Lake. And at Heritage Park in eastern Chula Vista there’s a continuing Plumbeous Vireo back for its third winter that especially likes the crescent of pines in the park, where also an especially large flock of 40 Chipping Sparrows; and to the north of the park along the paved walkway lined with tipu trees there is a continuing splotchy Summer Tanager.
Paul Lehman, San Diego