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Dusky Flycatcher – Lagunas

Tuck Russell and I walked Desert View Road in the Lagunas this morning (Tuesday 5/12). We were able to locate at least two, possibly three Dusky Flycatchers in this area, a known breeding location. Unlike other trips I have made up there in past years, the flycatchers were essentially silent, which made them very hard to find. Finally I heard one making repeated whit calls and after several minutes of scanning we were able to get eyes on. We found another one up the road more than ¼ mile and presume it was a different bird.


We encountered a small group of warblers foraging along the road – Wilson, Hermit, Townsends and Black-throated Gray.


We also had several Cassin’s Vireos singing in the area, another bird that nests along the road. One of the vireos seemed really pale to me, and after looking at my photos I am not certain that it is a Cassins, but possibly a Plumbeous. It has only the faintest hint of buffy coloration in the vent area, none along the flanks, and the back is gray, not olive as a Cassins usually is. I put the photos in my checklist under Cassins Vireo for now.




Nancy Christensen



Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports