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Downtown Vaux's Swifts

Thursday afternoon, October 11, I watched about 150 Vaux's Swifts flying over the intersection of 11th and C Streets between about 4:05 and 4:35 PM. About every five minutes the flock would center itself over a white building on the north side of C street west of 11th, and five to ten swifts would drop into a chimney there. Then the swirling flock would drift off to the east or south. I couldn’t see whether they were finding other chimneys in the area such as the traditional one at 8th and Broadway.

All this week during the day smaller groups of 20-30 swifts have been foraging over various parts of Balboa Park, including the giant ficus tree near near the natural history museum, and the rose and cactus gardens east of Park Blvd.

Kevin Clark
San Diego

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports