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Downtown San Diego – Purple Gallinule *deceased* partial specimen, Nov 02, 2018

I heard from visiting seabird biologist Michael Force last night that earlier in the day, while walking near the Crosby Street pier just south of downtown San Diego, he had come across a partial carcass of a dead bird laying on the roadside along Harbor Drive that he thought might be a PURPLE GALLINULE.  I went down there this morning and after some searching around found the leg and wing, with a few tidbits of body and feathers hanging on, of what I think does appear to be this species.
I put a series of photos on my blog since dead birds cannot be entered into eBird.  See the link here
I will add that just two months ago a live Purple Gallinule was captured in downtown Ensenada, Mexico, about 60 miles south of here. Links to eBird checklists showing that bird also in the blog post.

Gary Nunn
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