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downtown Chestnut-sided & American Redstart, UTC N. Parula, Liberty Station T.K.

1:27 pm

On Saturday the 3rd, the chestnut-less Chestnut-sided Warbler continues (since 16 Dec) in the northeast corner of the main plaza area of Pantoja Park. And the adult male American Redstart and a Yellow Warbler continue (since 10 Dec) at Seaport Village–specifically in the bunch of ficus-type trees in the parking lot at the Kettner Blvd. entrance.
Yesterday, the returning female Northern Parula continued in University City at the east end of Executive Drive–last two tipus on the right. And on 31 Jan, the returning, continuing Tropical Kingbird and a couple Yellow Warblers were wandering around Liberty Station.
–Paul Lehman, San Diego