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Double clutching Northern rough-winged swallows

There is a small colony of nesting Northern rough-winged swallows along Rose Creek in drain holes created by the new northern trolley extension when the infrastructure was improved.  This is right at the western terminus of Highway 52, underneath the overpasses. Some swallows show up here as early as March 9th, as they did this year, but I'm not sure those are just migrating through or there to nest.  By June 8th there were fledglings out of the nests, able to fly, and being fed by the parents.  I figured that was probably the end of the nesting until this week.  On July 27th I noticed a pair of swallows calling and flying in the habitat, and watched one enter a drain hole and fly back out with a fecal sac.  On July 31st there were 7 fledglings now able to fly but still being fed by adults.
The question then is, did a pair nest a second time this year or was it an extremely late nesting pair?   Any ideas?
                                 Jim Roberts
                                  University CIty

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports