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desert highlights

Dan Jehl and I visited several spots on the Anza-Borrego desert this morning – Friday April 5. Overall, migrants are up.

Tamarisk Grove – Very brief stop yielded Ash-throated flycatcher, Pac-Slope FC, Lawrence’s Goldfinches and first LAZULI BUNTING of the year.

Borrego Springs settling ponds – continuing flocks of Brewer’s Sparrows and Cinnamon Teal. Two male Yellow-headed Blackbirds, a pair of Wilson’s Snipes, Greater Yellowlegs, Sora and Snowy Egret made the visit worthwhile.

The Mesquite Bosque – plenty of singing Black-throated Sparrows. One perched and calling Gambel’s Quail was seen. We did NOT refind the earlier reported Lucy’s Warbler.


The weather on the desert was lovely. The mountain weather was cold, wet and foggy. When I drove Dan back to his truck at Cuyamaca Lake, the two Neotropic Cormorants were still present, seen through a very soggy set of binoculars.


Nancy Christensen



Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports