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Coronado: Eurasian wigeon, Clay colored Sparrow, Summer tanager

9:18 am

Saturday morning in Coronado, along Coronado Avenue at the tall netting along the edge of the NASNI golf course, I got lucky and saw the Clay colored sparrow sitting on a utility line behind the houses that Nicole Desnoyers had found on the CBC, but which would be much more findable if one had access to the Navy property. This was at 8:50 a.m. Back a little after 7:00 a.m. there was continuing female Summer tanager around the netting, but no sign of the duo of Orchard Orioles that had been present there in mid December, but there are plenty of blooming pink flowered eucalyptus out on the Navy golf course that are too far away to check. A nice looking drake Eurasian Wigeon is present in the large wigeon flock at the pond next to the clubhouse on the Coronado public golf course, and at the same spot there’s a wintering Yellow Warbler in the tipu tree next to the clubhouse bar and grill. Also a Bullocks oriole on the golf course. And last but not least, the spiffy looking male Townsends X Hermit Warbler continues at Spreckles Park.

Paul Lehman, San Diego