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Coronado and SD Zoo

Coronado and SD Zoo
By {authorlink} – 10:27 am

Thursday morning in Coronado/NASNI, the returning Tropical kingbird present since September is still present in its favored place at its favored time which is starting around 7:00 a.m. or whenever the first of the direct sun shines on the trees and hedgerows around the high netting area bordering the Nasni golf course along Coronado Avenue near the intersection of Acacia. Usually stays there for about a half hour before dispersing elsewhere. Usually with one or two Cassins in the area as well. A new, female Summer tanager is along the edge of the Coronado golf course at the corner of Glorietta and 6th, and a continuing female Summer present since November is still in the line of pink-flowered eucalyptus next to the Marriott Hotel. Also miscellaneous Bullocks Oriole and Black-throated gray warbler. A total of 45 Robins is actually a high count for Coronado.

Yesterday, the 1st, just after dawn the female Baltimore and Hooded Orioles and two Western tanagers continued near the San Diego Zoo entrance in the coral trees and one blooming white flowered eucalyptus. And between first light and dawn some 1,100 Robins flew out of the zoo property dispersing around the park. I actually got there a few minutes late and should have gotten there 10 minutes earlier and probably missed an unknown additional number of Robins before I got there.
Paul Lehman, San Diego