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Cook’s Petrels, early June landbird migrants

9:09 am

As noted in the trip report posted earlier today for yesterday’s (June 3) pelagic trip, a record high 56 Cook’s Petrels for San Diego County waters were recorded offshore, including a few birds record close to shore (i.e., 2 along outer edge of 9-Mile Bank, 1 on 9-Mile Bank, 1 just inside 9-Mile Bank). Given that various whalewatch boats are currently going out to the 9-Mile Bank and even to the outer edge of the 9-Mile to see reliable Blue Whales as of late, they are going out as far as 2-4 of these Cook’s. So, for anyone very interested in looking for this species sooner rather than later, this might be a semi-longshot option. Be aware that Cook’s numbers and distribution can change literally overnight, so no guarantees these overall numbers and birds close to shore will continue….or they could even increase.
This morning, June 4, at several sites on Point Loma there was a total of 6 W. Wood-Pewees and 1 Western Tanager–typical lingering early June migrants.
–Paul Lehman, San Diego