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continuing shorebird rarities south san diego bay

Although seen in closed portions of the South San Diego Bay saltworks during snowy plover monitoring (yes, there are still active nests with eggs, as well as chicks of full range of sizes in roads there), thought it worthwhile sharing since they may move to other viewable areas in the vicinity or at times be seen from Bayshore Bikeway.
Yesterday (8/15), a juv solitary sandpiper was in SE pond 22 (north of the bike path just west of the 2nd bridge east of 13th St) then in SW pond 20 (north of just east of the 2nd bridge east of 13th St) at least from 9:23 to 9:37.  Note that the water level in pond 20 was being rapidly raised so shorebird habitat will likely be minimal there for the next few days, making use of pond 22 more likely.
A juv semipalmated sandpiper was seen in the NE central portion of the saltworks and appeared to me to be in much crisper plumage than the one seen previously in the south saltworks.  Neither the semipalm nor Baird's were seen in pond 20 yesterday, but one of each were seen by Thomas Myers & me in SW pond 20 the previous day (8/14), and on 8/12 I observed the semipalm & 2 juv Baird's sandpipers in SW pond 20. 
Elegant tern numbers are still relatively high but much reduced from what they had been earlier in the season as most have begun dispersing.  The last gull-billed tern chick of the season to fly was seen following its parent out of the saltworks.  Caspians still have a few non-flying chicks present & skimmers are still on eggs as well as having a full range in size of chicks still present. 
R. Patton
San Diego, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports