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continuing rarities Tijuana River Valley 12-8-23

2:25 pm

This morning Elizabeth Copper and I had a Wilson’s warbler & at least 3 red-breasted nuthatches at the Bird & Butterfly Garden, around 9:30 we had a brightly plumaged adult white-throated sparrow near the briefly appearing palm warbler near the NNE edge of the community gardens (same white-thr as previously reported in SE, or different??), and with multiple other birders just after 10am saw the sandhill crane from the model airplane field turnout, scoping east to the SSE corner of the sod farm where it was just inside the sod farm side of the river berm (in the shadows on the north edge of the berm).
Later, in closed portions of the Chula Vista Wildlife Reserve with a group of Port staff, I had a rock wren, large-billed sparrow, and reddish egret (the latter likely visible from J St looking to the SSW).
Robert Patton
San Diego, CA