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continuing rarities south san diego county 2-29-20

Sorry for the late posting, but on Friday (2/28) just before 9 am, Lea Squires and I observed the overwintering Pacific golden-plover on one of the flats islands just NE of the mouth of the Tijuana River, south from Seacoast Dr.  In an earlier check of the IB Pier, scoter numbers were relatively low and most were well west of the pier with heads tucked – no black scoter was discernible among them.
Yesterday (2/29) on the Border Birding field trip for the Bird Festival, Elizabeth Copper, a great group of birders, and I observed 2 early elegant terns on the island in the South Bay saltworks southwest pond 23, viewable from the Bayshore Bikeway and observation deck NE of 8th St in Imperial Beach.  After initially dismissing them among the numerous royal terns, they both extended their necks and began courting, giving good views for ID confirmation (although scope needed) of their smaller size, longer, thinner, decurved beaks, and pinkish blush to breast.  The young male vermilion flycatcher and older or mostly adult male appearing vermilion flycatcher were seen on the fences of the NW ballfield and then along the SE fence off SE Sunset in the Tijuana River Valley.  A common ground-dove was seen briefly in the SW portion of the Bird & Butterfly Garden and rough-winged swallows were near the entrance.  An early male hooded oriole was seen by part of the group and photographed in the eucalyptus adjacent to Monument Rd and the County Parks headquarters driveway.  
Robert Patton
San Diego, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports