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continuing Harris’s Hawks, etc.

continuing Harris’s Hawks, etc.

By – 11:32 am

On 13 August, a birder-photographer photo’d a group of 7 continuing Harris’s Hawks at Shelter Valley (Coffee Pot X Windfall Trails). One bird appeared to be a sub-adult, but none younger than that. We had been hoping for possible nesting activity this year. And today, 16 August, I had 4 continuing Harris’s Hawks at Jacumba. Two started off along the north edge of town just after dawn, as usual. And then three hours later there were four birds together along the main road at the extreme southeast end of town. Also present there today were 2 slightly wayward (easterly) White-breasted Nuthatches; summering Lesser Nighthawk, Scott’s Orioles, and the usual several Cassin’s Kingbirds; a new local high-count of 60 White-winged Doves; and a sprinkling of expected western landbird migrants.

The hummingbird feeders in Pine Valley have a reasonable number of hummers in attendance, including about 20 Black-chinneds.

–Paul Lehman, San Diego