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continuing green-tailed towhee, tierrasanta, 11-4-20

At least one of the green-tailed towhees reported yesterday in Tierrasanta made a brief appearance just after 11 am this morning (11-4-20) where the main trail curves to its farthest point south as described previously west of Seda & south of Clairemont Mesa (earlier in the morning I'd talked to two pairs of birders, one of which said they'd seen it, the other of which said they had not, and another birder had also reported having had no luck when I returned around 10:45).  It was associating with a white-crowned sparrow and slowly crossed the trail from south to north, appearing then disappearing in clumps of buckwheat.  In contrast to yesterday's report, no calls were heard.
Two red-breasted nuthatches continued in pines in the same general area. 
Elsewhere, a western tanager also continues in eucalyptus along the southern edge of the Farb Middle School sports fields & to the NW of Roadrunner Park.
R. Patton
San Diego, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports