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Continuing Eastlake Pinyon Jay

The Pinyon Jay that has overwintered at Eastlake in eastern Chula Vista and reported earlier this season by Mark Billings and Elizabeth Copper continues as of today, Saturday. The bird often frequents the northeast shore of the lake, which is where it finally appeared this morning after about an hour wait. Earlier on I had heard it give a couple brief bouts of calling farther to the east a block near the intersection of Lakeshore X Eastshore. There are lots of planted Stone Pines in this neighborhood and which presumably is what attracted the bird to this area in the first place, although when it is right along the shore of the lake there are no pines there. The bird will call briefly and then shut up for fairly long periods of time. Thus, it could be difficult to find if it remains quiet.

Elsewhere, a count of 105 American White Pelicans on Sweetwater Reservoir is a fairly good local count, but no surprise given the good numbers of this species around the county all winter long.

Paul Lehman,  San Diego

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