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Continuing crossbills

This morning near Agua Dulce Creek in the Laguna Mountains at least 2 calling Red Crossbills flew over me heading east as I stood at the junction of Forest Routes 15S09 and 15S10 (Cleveland National Forest-Descanso Ranger District Road designations). Curiously, the Forest Service Interactive Visitor Map calls both roads Escondido Ravine Road with just the FR 15S09 designation. Anyway, the lat-long of this junction is 32.868111, -116.440070  This is “the y-intersection” as there are several others nearby that could be construed as “y” shaped but I did pass the toilet paper on my way to this one. Heading back to my vehicle I ran into Manolo Turner, the finder of the crossbills, and he verified this.


I counted several species at very high numbers for me at this location. Obviously many young of the year still about–details to come in eBird.


Geoffrey Rogers

San Diego, CA


Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports