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continuing Chestnut-sided, new White-throated, Short-billed Gull glut

11:51 am

Weds AM, the chestnut-less Chestnut-sided Warbler continues around the storm-water retention basin bordering the parking lot for the Las Americas Mall in San Ysidro, not far from the Tommy Hilfiger store. Also a Yellow Warbler in tipus farther west in the parking lot, and continuing female Vermilion Flycatcher across the street at the sports park. A new White-throated Sparrow was with a few White-crowneds at the very south edge of the Imperial Beach Sports Park, bordering the South McCoy Trail. A Golden-crowned Sparrow was at Camp Surf. It has been a better-than-average winter for Short-billed Gulls in the county, and the currently partly-flooded Tijuana River channel at Dairy Mart bordering the sod and model airplane field had FIVE birds (four first-cycles, one adult) with the large numbers of Ring-billeds and Californias. Was slightly odd to see a Canvasback swimming in the river channel as well. The recent flooding there has caused major damage to the sod farm, and its future is perhaps uncertain….
–Paul Lehman, San Diego