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cont. Yellow Palm Warbler and Snow Geese, Tijuana Estuary high-tide check

On Friday morning the 13th, the "YELLOW" Palm Warbler continues at the community gardens in the TRV. Still fully tail-less to the max. Dead center in the garden complex is an obvious flagpole with a red Marine Corps flag, and that seems to be the center of its preferred area to date. On the 10th it was several garden plots to the northeast of the flag, and today it was several plots to the southwest. Also this morning, the adult (since the 6th) and immature Snow Goose continue at the bottom of the Bay–either in the marsh or pond near the "Little Stint Island" or grazing on the school playing field on the south side of the bike path opposite the observation platform. Several Pelagic Cormorants are roosting at their usual site on the left side of the end of the Imperial Beach Pier.

A high-tide check this morning at the 6.9 tide of the Tijuana Estuary failed to find any Nelson's Sparrows, and relatively few marsh sparrows in all. The marsh just wasn't flooded enough to truly push everything to the edges. We had 2 "Large-billed" Savannah Sparrows along the S. McCoy Trail south of the headquarters, and a good total of TEN Yellow-crowned Night-Herons in all. Maybe the even higher tides on Saturday and Sunday will do better there…or try Crown Point on Mission Bay, or perhaps San Elijo Lagoon.

–Paul Lehman, San Diego

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports