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cont. Orchard O., miscellanea., birder exploration

The female Orchard Oriole at North Clairemont Community Park (Rec Park), along Genessee Ave., first found by Jay D. earlier in the winter, was still present today, Saturday the 23rd. I had it in blooming eucs. next to the tennis court, but I gather it has moved up and down the lengthy growth of blooming eucs along the edge of the little canyon and thus could be difficult to find given the large amount of attractive habitat. I would bet that this park produces an interesting oriole, tanager, and/or rare warbler every winter. And see below.

Also on Saturday, a calling Ridgway's Rail along the San Diego River at the Riverview Golf Course in Mission Valley is my first for Mission Valley, although the fresh-water habitat here is similar to a number of other spots on the "inland" coastal plain where this species occurs in the county.  On Friday, the 22nd, the Plumbeous Vireo, male Hermit Warbler, and male Summer Tanager all continued at the top end of Presidio Park.

Back to North Clairemont Community Park….  I am not sure if Jay "discovered" this site a month or two ago via simple random wandering/searching or whether perhaps it was a positive outcome of his possibly taking up the "5-mile- radius challenge" for 2019, which Justyn posted about at the beginning of the year. But it is yet another good example of the joys, contributions, and challenges of spending time exploring, away from the crowds (in contrast to spending 90 percent of one's birding time chasing pre-found stakeouts–not that seeing rare birds isn't lots of fun).

–Paul Lehman,  San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports