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Community Gardens closed due to flooding

11:09 am

Good morning,
I’m sure common sense has told us all to stay out but in case there are visitors or others perhaps, chasing the Inca Dove, we have been told to stay out of the Garden area for a while.  Below is a snipit from the letter they sent me.
Mark Stratton
North Park
The Tijuana River Valley flooded yesterday, January 22nd. Please STAY OUT of flooded zones. Stay out of the garden all together if you don’t have anything pressing to attend to. If you absolutely have to go in, park outside, wear some sort of disposable protective gear, or at the very least an extra pair of shoes/boots, and an extra change of clothing. We are expecting more rain this week. We recommend you wait a couple of days to enter once the soil has had an opportunity to dry. The water and soil can contain fecal matter, fuel, heavy metals, pesticides, and other hazardous run-off.  Please see below for other safety recommendations.

Safety Recommendations Following Flooding

Floodwaters are likely to contain contaminants from upstream farms and rural septic systems, urban lawns and roadways, industrial sites and/or overflow from municipal sewage systems. Contaminants may include raw manure or feces, agricultural chemicals, fuel, heavy metals or other chemical contaminants. Microbial pathogens that could be in floodwaters include bacteria, viruses, and parasites. It only takes a small amount of some pathogens to make people very sick.