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Community Gardens at TRV

I visited the Gardens this morning, 7-23-18. In a quick tour of the Gardens proper I found nothing particularily interesting, while the trail around the greater area had some birds worth looking at.

Several, apparently fledgling, chats.
Family group of Blue Grosbeaks
Family group of Hooded Orioles
Yellow Warbler (2)
Fledgling Common Yellowthroat being attended by an adult male
American Goldfinch(2)

The Gardens are perhaps the best spot in the county to find Painted Buntings, beginning in the middle of August.  Last year there were three seen there.

I later took a look at the TJ river adjacent to the old sod farms. This area is promising, but I saw nothing worthwhile.   By this time it was uncomfortably warm so I did not venture into the channel.  

The brush has been removed from most of the old sod farm.   No new agricultureal operations are apparent yet, but a new well is being drilled.  So it is likely that the area will be planted.  Hopefully, we will retain access.

Eric Kallen
San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports