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Common Terns & Common Murres

Common Terns & Common Murres

By – 10:29 am

On 6 July, a reasonable total of 20 one-year-old Common Terns were seen on South San Diego Bay–2 at Emory Cove and a flock of 18 at J Street (but which flew off to the north). July and early August is often the best time for this species on the Bay. The first few Red-necked Phalaropes had arrived at the Salt Works. Continuing summering flock of about 10 Surf Scoters off Camp Surf.

Yesterday, the 5th, a seawatch at La Jolla produced a total of 4 southbound Common Murres between 6:00-7:30 AM. From one to a few murres have been seen there virtually daily over the past 10 days, early in the morning. Strangely, July is regularly an excellent month to see them there. Also two grayish Northern Fulmars.

–Paul Lehman, San Diego