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Common Goldeneyes and Common Mergansers at Lake Cuyamaca

6:15 pm

Early this
morning on my way to Borrego I drove by Lake Cuyamaca and was surprised to see
4 Common Goldeneyes and 5 or 6 Common Mergansers.  When I saw the Goldeneyes, I was driving
slowly through the lower parking lot that belongs to the restaurant and my car
flushed them. They swam out into the lake from the shoreline that was right
alongside the parking lot.  I rolled down
my car window and snapped a couple of photos, as they moved away quickly. 

Then as I
was leaving the lake area, driving on Hwy 79 where it starts curving around to
the right near the dam, I saw Mergansers swimming near the dam.  I pulled over to check them out, but I couldn’t
see them well enough with binoculars, so had to get out a scope.  There were 5 or 6 Common Mergansers hugging
the shoreline along with a group of Mallards.  

ebird report:    (will have distant photos soon)      

Marcie Mason