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Clay-Colored Sparrow at Torrey Hills Park 9/29

Clay-Colored Sparrow at Torrey Hills Park 9/29
By – 9:17 pm
I went over to Torrey Hills Park this afternoon to look for the odd Brewer’s Sparrow well documented by Sean Buchanan, which was continuing. It was in the company of another sparrow that I thought had yellow in front of the eye; I dismissed it as probably a Savannah, and the birds were flushed shortly after. I did a lap and came back to the spot to find one cool-looking sparrow back out, I figured it was the Brewer’s, got some shots and had to run. Lo and behold, the solo bird was a Clay-Colored Sparrow, who actually was the “Savannah” hanging out with the Brewer’s. That “yellow” tinge was actually buffy in the right light, the lack of streaking on the breast, and the facial pattern are all good. 
I’m very much hoping it will continue tomorrow so people can go see it, and sorry for the late post. Not good to bird in a hurry :(Seen today near the basketball court here: (32.9180435, -117.2231904)– Nick ThorpeUniversity Heights