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Clark's Nutcracker — Big Laguna Lake

I birded at Big Laguna Lake and the surrounding area this morning and early afternoon. I hiked in from the end of Los Huecos Road, adjacent to the Laguna Campground. Not real birdy, but the highlight turned out to be four (possibly five) Clark's Nutcrackers foraging low in the pines and on the ground along the trail on the east side of the lake. The lake was practically deserted, with only a handful of buffleheads, which out numbered the coots. Los Rasalies Pond was equally deserted, with only three species (4 birds) present, and Little Laguna Lake lay completely dry. Plenty of Acorn Woodpeckers, Ravens, and blackbirds — Red-winged and Brewer's. Also heard a coyote's mournful call north of the big lake. Not a single Yellow-rumped Warbler or White-crowned Sparrow to be found, although I saw Golden-crowned Sparrows above the north end big lake, beyond where I saw the nutcrackers.
Photos of the Clark's Nutcrackers on eBird (The Nutcracker Suite):

Larry Edwards
San Diego, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports