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Chimney Swift, Carlsbad

3:51 pm

Hi all, I just had at least one Chimney Swift calling in a flock of 42 Chaetura swifts flyover me close to the intersection of Poinsettia Ln and Black Rail Rd in Carlsbad.

As I was getting out of my car, I heard  the rapid, bubbling chatter of a Chimney Swift (a call that I’m intimately familiar with from WI), looked up and saw a flock of Chaetura swifts flying low overhead. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any optics/camera with me and by the time I tried to get the voice recorder going on my phone the flock had moved on to the northwest.
I am new to the area and am looking forward to birding around more and getting to meet you all. I’ve been an avian field biologist for most of the last decade and will be starting a cartography/GIS position at Camp Pendelton next week. 
Happy Birding,
-Ted Keyel
Carlsbad (soon-to-be-Oceanside)