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Chestnut-sided Warbler at Batiquitos

I visited the lagoon trail at Batiquitos this morning, Nov23, checking for the reported crossbill. The grove of lerpy eucalyptus trees are swarming with warblers and other birds. Among them I found a Chestnut-sided warbler in the same area that had a Virginia’s warbler a couple of months back. The grove of trees are east of the middle parking area (closest street is Golden Star Lane). The specific tree was the one with a post st the base marked 17. Also in the warbler group was a possible Tennessee – gray bird with yellow undertail, but my look was too poor to confirm.

The crossbill has been reported in toyons. The only Toyons are south of the golf course near a small gate giving access for residents to the trail- this is east of the lerpy eucs. Nothing found there today (Tito is also searching). However, both the golf course and the streets are planted with various pine species, with various cone sizes, so the report maybe worth considering.

Nancy Christensen

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