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Cheryl’s bird

Cheryl’s bird

By {authorlink} – 5:35 pm

To those who read Cheryl Carlton’s email concerning a dead bird on her potted plant, I’m sending my reply to everyone because, unfortunately, it appears to be a dead Summer Tanager, as she guessed. The body and bill are the right size and color for a tanager, and there are clearly orange feathers in the vent area, and one close-up of the head shows a small orange area right by the base of the upper mandible. The bill is too light to be a Hepatic (among other things).  

Interestingly, Sibley doesn’t show any orange on an adult female Summer (?). Is there any possibility its a juvenile male?

I’ve enclosed some of her key photos. They’re a great study of what a female Summer Tanager looks like. 

Nice it came to SD, but we’d prefer it to be alive.    Bird flu?   Cat?   
Cheryl wrote: 
Thanks for the help, Phil. I have a lot of pics. I’ll send ones that show the orange tint where I saw it. Also one with a measurement.