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Chase Field American Redstart and hotspots

Thanks to Ryan Andrews for suggesting Chase Field as an eBird hotspot. If you've created a personal location for the American Redstart there (or any other birds) please consider merging your personal location with this hotspot. As I've said previously, anyone is capable of suggesting hotspots (details in link below), and we encourage their use whenever feasible. In general, if you're at any park that's not a hotspot, please suggest it as one. If you're away from a park that likely won't get much coverage, a personal location is fine. However, in some cases rarities are found in an otherwise "no-man's-land" and these should be suggested as a hotspot, with a suggested name beginning with "stakeout <name of rarity>." I, or another hotspot reviewer, will confirm the final name/location after checking to make sure an appropriate hotspot does not already exist. 
Many new hotspots were suggested/approved recently during Christmas Bird Counts (especially by Eve Martin!), so keep exploring and finding *new* birds and places to bird in San Diego County and beyond!
More details here:
Justyn Stahl

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports