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Carlsbad Blue-headed Vireo

10:10 am

Came over to Stagecoach Park in inland Carlsbad, where Barbara Swanson yesterday photographed a Solitary-type Vireo that was either a bright Cassins or a Blue-headed. Met Tito G. here and after a while I found the bird at around 9:45 in the one fairly large tipu tree located between the Community Center and the tennis courts and the Adobe Ruins site. The bird appears to indeed be a Blue-headed Vireo, and Tito got some pretty good photos of it which he will undoubtedly post in an eBird list later today. After hanging out in that tree for a good 10 minutes, the bird flew into the riparian area. This is all quite close to where Barbara had it yesterday which is in some pines and the riparian near the bathrooms about 100 ft or so to the north.

Paul Lehman, San Diego