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Calzada del Bosque, San Dieguito County Park

This morning (11/26/18) at 10 AM, a WILSON’S SNIPE was in the field south of Calzada del Bosque, east of Via de la Valle.

A little later in the morning at San Dieguito County Park, I dipped on Gretchen’s Purple finch but west of picnic area #7 were some good birds.

Along the western edge of the lawn was a WHITE-THROATED SPARROW, a GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW and a FOX SPARROW.

About 150 meters west of the lower ponds was a Western-type flycatcher.  It was undoubtedly a Pacific slope but did not vocalize.

It had an almond shaped eye-ring, olive back and head, biggish bill with all yellow lower mandible.


                             Jim Roberts

                             University City


Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports