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California Gnatcatcher RFI

Hello SD Birders,


I will be visiting San Diego in 2 weeks and will have one full day dedicated to birding.  My top two targets are Yellow Footed Gull and California Gnatcatcher.  My tentative plan is to start at sunrise at the south end of the Salton Sea and bird a few locations, hopefully coming across a Yellow Footed Gull or two.  Then I plan to  head towards the coast and bird the La Orilla Trail at San Elijo Lagoon until I get satisfactory looks at a Gnatcatcher or have to leave to catch my evening flight home.


I am writing to see if that’s the best place to try for the gnatcatcher as I’m basing the above off of ebird searches.  Any other locations where they are more reliable or any specific directions would be greatly appreciated.



John Facchini

San Francisco

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