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California Condor (Talk)

California Condor (Talk)
By – 5:55 pm
Perhaps someday there will be a post on here that a California Condor has been seen flying in San Diego County. Meanwhile if you would like to learn more about the efforts to restore populations, here is information about an online talk tomorrow evening by one of the scientists working with them in Baja:

Virtual Nat Talk: Return of the Condor
Tuesday, October 25, 2022 6 PM

The California condor, with its nine-foot wingspan, was once a common sight in our local skies. But by 1987, only 27 of these magnificent birds remained. Every last one of them was in captivity, but this story is a hopeful one.
Thanks to the tenacity of a binational, interdisciplinary team, more than 300 condors fly free again. About 40 of these birds live in the Sierra de San Pedro Mártir, a national park in Baja California, Mexico. Living alongside these magnificent birds, high up in their remote, mountain home, are two intrepid researchers. Join The Nat for a rare opportunity to hear from one of these scientists, Catalina Porras.
Over Zoom, Catalina will fill us in on the status of the condors, giving updates on the birds’ behavior, threats to their population, and plans for the future. She’ll also share the realities of living at a remote camp and caring for the condors of Baja California.
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